Bill C-53

What is Bill C-53?

Bill C-53: An Act respecting the recognition of certain Métis governments, and to give effect to treaties with those governments and to make consequential amendments to other Acts.

Despite urgent calls for Canada to pause before moving ahead, and the release of further academic research undermining the factual and legal basis for MNO’s claims, Canada introduced Bill C-53 into Parliament. The bill would recognize the communities represented by the MNO as having the s. 35 Aboriginal right to self-government. First Nations across Canada and the Manitoba Métis Federation maintain that the communities represented by the MNO did not exist historically and therefore cannot be eligible to be recognized as having section 35 rights. 

The Manitoba Métis Federation has called for the removal of MNO from Bill C-53.  First Nations in the Ontario Region are calling for Bill C- 53 to be withdrawn so that there is proper due diligence by Canada and consultation with First Nations before the Bill is passed, to prevent a mistake that will harm legitimate rights-holders for generations to come. Canada has repeatedly claimed Bill C-53 will have no impact on First Nations, ignoring MNO’s longstanding and increasingly aggressive demands to First Nation lands and rights in Ontario.

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